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Invent Event 2019 Station Descriptions:

Super Cube Shuffle (Explora)

Objective: At this station participants of all ages get to explore the Super-Cube Shuffle a fast-paced, hands-on game as well as test  3D doodle pens, windcars and cactus magnets

Set Up: The math game has special red and white cubes to match one of 32 different puzzles. A spinning tower adds an extra element of memory challenge as the puzzles circle around! Want to take it to the next level? Visitors can time themselves and try to beat their record.

In addition to the math game you can also play with: catapults, 3D pens, wind cars and cactus magnets

Solar Powered Station (PPC Solar)

Objective: This station provides an introduction to simple applications of solar technologies.

Set Up: TBA

Triangle Building (Rocky Mountain Youth Corps)

Objective: Explore the strength of paper with building structures out of newspaper!

Set Up: Making rolls of out of newspaper and masking tape and engineering structures with triangular shapes!

Pin-Ball Machine Exhibit (Fun With Pinball/Mark Gibson)

Objective: Fun With Pinball is a hands on, interactive exhibit to foster your curiosity, built from retired pinball machine parts.

Set Up: Table top exhibit that allows participants to interact with the machinery of pinball machines such as electromagnetics, relays etc.

Robotics Rally (TWIRL/Liana Bayles)

Objective: Twirl’s Robot Play Outreach program for 5th graders culminating in a Robotics Rally for all students involved in the program.

Set Up: Various robotics challenges will be set up and robots available for competing and testing.

Augmented Reality Sandbox  (TWIRL/Explora)

Objective: This station allows users to create topography models by shaping real sand, which is then augmented in real time by an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water. The system teaches geographic, geologic, and hydrologic concepts such as how to read a topographic map, the meaning of contour lines, watersheds, catchment areas, levees, etc.

Set Up: A sand box with a kinetic sensor allows for participants to create a 3D and interactive map.

Trashy Robots (TWIRL/Rita O’Connell)

Objective: Making Trashy Robots, based on the concept of Hebocon that is a “robot sumo competition for robots with low technical ability".

Set Up: This station explores low tech and high imagination and creative problem solving while making Trashy Robots out of hackable toys, recycled materials, wheels and other consumable materials. Participants can enter their Trashy Robot in the Tournament, with splendid host Rita “OConnell, competing with your robot, seeing who gets across the centerline and competing in different categories such as: Wildest, Fastest, Wackiest, etc….If you think the robot you made isn’t cutting it, redesign, fix it and get back into the Tournament!

Capitol Christmas Tree Ornament Making (Forest Service)

Objective: Carson National Forest was chosen as the National Forest to donate the 2019 Capitol Christmas Tree. This is the tree that is placed on the lawn outside the Capitol building. The forest is responsible for making up to 10,000 ornaments to decorate not only the Capitol Christmas tree, but also the 70, smaller, companion trees that accompany the larger tree to Washington D.C.

Set Up: Ornament making with various materials

Basket Weaving (Taos High Fiber, Dolores Nelson)

Objective: This station allows participants to explore how you make a basket weave out of various materials such as willow, pine needles and other interesting materials

Set Up: Participants will be able to get their hands on learning how to weave baskets with various materials and techniques.

Fiber Station: Machine Sewing, Hand Sewing and Weaving  (Terrie Mangat, Wholly Rags, Kimberly Hamill, Judi Lockwood)

Objective: This station facilitates hand sewing, machine sewing and weaving.

Set Up: Hands-on fiber experiences with fiber- art such as weaving and sewing on machines, a large alternative materials stand-up loom and 2 backstrap looms.

Science On a Sphere  (Upward Bound, Katie Bryant)

Objective: Science On a Sphere® (SOS) is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a projection surface. Researchers at NOAA developed Science On a Sphere® as an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science to people of all ages. Animated images of atmospheric storms, climate change, and ocean temperature can be shown on the sphere, which is used to explain what are sometimes complex environmental processes, in a way that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating.

Set Up: In a darkened space participants will be able to use this computer model to explore earth system sciences.

BIO STEAM LAB (STEM arts Lab/Taos Land Trust)

Objective: More than the Bumble and the Honey Bee:  Build a Pollinator House exploring geometry of the bees with BIO-STEAM Lab in collaboration with TISA and Taos Land Trust.

Set Up: Building a pollinator

Paseo Project (Shanti Duval, Estacia)

Objective: Paseo Project will be exploring their 2019 theme “Connections"  through the creative production of three dimensional art using accessible technologies like 3-D Pens and Dino-Lite Microscopes!

Set Up: Hands-on 3D pen and Dino-Lite explorations

Secret Garden/Fence Project (Siena Connie/Enos)

Objective: Come help design and decorate the fence at the 1st grade Secret Garden at Enos Garcia at this interactive and collaborative fence project!

Set Up: Participants are encouraged to tear strips of fabric and help make permanent designs on a chain link fence, in a wild splash of colors and fun!

Radio Station (KNCE Radio Broadcasting, True Kids One Rosey Hayett and Howie)

Objective: Live broadcasting explorations!

Set Up: Roaming interviewing and live FB and radio broadcasting.

Coding station (Taos Youth Software Community/Mike Yaeger/William ?Kirsten?)

Objective: This station will expose participants to the basics of computer language programming. and inspire them to continue programming.

Set Up: Laptops set up with various languages to learn how to code.

Robot Station (First Robotics team from Los Alamos)

Objective: This station facilitates a fabulous self made robot by the First Robotics team of Los Alamos. The robot drags and drops large items and participants are encouraged to steer it!

Set Up: Demo and facilitation of First Robotics robot!AixBDC8clICgiosDxSpQpT1kvuSixg

Word Art (SOMOS)

Objective: At this station participants are encouraged to use mixed media to collage a piece of art using words to create it.  

Set Up: At this station we will have newspapers and magazines for participants to cut from, printed kid-friendly poems as well as paper and colorful pens to make it pop. There will be optional writing prompts to get their inspiration flowing. This could look like redacted poetry, a story or poem in a visual presentation that accentuates the meaning (ie- a poem about a flower in the shape of a flower) or just a hodge-podge of pretty words.

Clay Play Inside (Pollen Dawning)

Objective: This station facilitates playing and shaping clay.

Set Up: Hands-on clay experiences, rolling and stamping and working with clay on a wheel.

Early Childhood Sensory Play (TIWA BABIES)

Objective: TBA

Set Up:

Tinker Toddlers (INSPIRE)

Objective: This station allows the smallest participants to play and explore

Set Up: Tinker Toddler Area

3D Printing and Wacky Wheel Printing (Embudo Valley Library Maker Space and NNM STEM Mentor Collective)

Objective: This station provides an opportunity to see this exciting new technology up close and learn the principles behind it. The station facilitates experiencing everything related to 3D printing from beginning to end. Introducing tinkercad, the 3D modelling program.

Set Up: 3D printers printing wheels for the Wacky Wheel cars.

Printmaking (Hart Print Shop)

Objective: Hands on screen-printing explorations with various media.

Set Up: Screen-printing methods explored with ink on paper and T-shirts.

Beading Station (TWIRL)

Objective: Make a bracelet or a necklace at this self guided station full of inspiring beads and string.Beading A self guided bead and str

Set Up: Self guided beading station.


Wacky Wheels (Twirl)

Objective: Build your own wacky vehicle out of a block of wood, 3D printed wheels and screw axle. Adorn it with your design and set off in the races.

Set Up: Participants will be able to assemble and decorate their own car and compete with other racers on the tracks, playing with gravity and creativity!

Metal Anodizing (FIT)

Objective: METAL DYEING, Nature tech and GAMES. Field Institute shares a vast wealth of nature know how and fun with metal dyeing, techie science gadgets and games galore! Field Institute of Taos engages youth of all ages with experiences in outdoor education that include activities that meet and exceed standards in ALL subjects, nature connection, group building and bonding, and much, MUCH MORE.

Set Up: Exploring how and why metal anodized. Games for nature play!

Outside Solar Station (Carl Rosenberg)

Objective: This station explores reflection technologies and simple solar power conversion, with direct results. Solar oven cooking and other reflective solar technology demonstrations.

Set Up: Baking cookies in solar oven.

Metal Tooling Station (Taos Architectural Copper)

Objective: Exploring the malleability of metal with hammers, wood and dye punches.

Set Up: Participants will be able to explore the basic concepts of shaping metal.

Metal Sand Casting Two Gun Studio/El Rey Artwork

Objective: Demonstrating the process of sand casting for metal, a technique for  jewelry making.

Set Up: Participants get to see molds made out of wood or wax, placed into sand. The metal is heated to liquid temperatures and poured into the sandcast and end result is a 3 d metal shape of the original mold.

Flavor Fun (Nikki Cain/ Micah Rosenberg/Farmhouse Cafe’)

Objective: Play with flavors and learn about the sensory areas of your tongue that perceive different flavors. Laying out spices and play with can you make a flavor s

Set Up:  Participants will be able to make their own flavor blends with popcorn and flavors and explore what tastes you get in various parts of your tongue and

Outside Clay Play (Taos Clay/Anna Nelson)

Objective: This station explores shaping clay on a wheel.

Set Up: Hands-on clay experiences on a clay wheel.

Circus Play/ACRO YOGA/Stilt Walking  (Penasco Theatre, High Frequency Loft & TISA)

Objective: Exploring balance through stilt walking and body balancing

Set Up: On the green soft field participants get to test out body balancing through acro yoga with a partner or walking on stilts of various height.

Seed Play (Aire)  

Objective: This station facilitates kids understanding of the different ways that seeds disperse themselves to grow new plants. We will also check out some of the biomimetic designs inspired by seed dispersal!

Set Up:  Hands-on seed dispersal experiments and “make-your own flying seed” dispersal activity.

Water Explorations (Amigos Bravos)

Objective: Explore water flow with this large-scale sandbox with moveable dams and natural obstacles.

Set Up: Participants can interact with the stand up water table

Pedal Power Milkshake (Twirl)

Objective: Pedal powered milk shake making.

Set Up: Cycling away on this all time favorite and making milkshakes while you pedal with a bicycle powered blender.Yum!

Outside Games Giant Slingshot (TWIRL)

Objective: Launch teddy bears and soft toys into outer space with our giant slingshot!

Set Up: Participants get to launch soft toys onto targets with a giant slingshot.

Community Mural  (Vagrant Heart)

Objective: Giant Coloring Book public mural painting extravaganza where participants get to paint certain color patches with the end result being a public mural!

Food Vending (food by Laine Ember & 108 Roving Food)